Ivory Coast Trading Company is the exclusive agent for a large co-operative grower in the western mountain region of the Ivory Coast.  We offer direct Cocoa and Coffee to processors and manufacturers.


Our products are mountain Grown Ivorian “Mercedes” Cocoa with annual quantity availability of exceeding one million tons, and and the ability to expand capacity.

The product is grade 1 uniform color and dimension.  Packing is 65 kilo bags or to specification. Less than 10% of the beans will have a weight deviating more than 1 / 3 more or less the average weight of the beans.

.  Our preferred packing is 65 kilo bags. The final Destination(s)is: ELIZABETH SEAPORT NEW in JERSEY (USA) or any point of destination as requested.


Our beans are all properly fermented and are dried with a moisture content not exceeding 5% each batch is clean and free of foreign material free or adherent (broken pods, wood, minerals and various parties). There is no foreign odor (musty, smoke, pesticides, tar). The product is rated Grade 1 to benefit from the trade name “Good fermented GF”.

Our agricultural Engineers insure quality product.  Organic certification can be confirmed.

Shipping is done using SEAWORTHY SHIPPING CONTAINERS (40 Forty Foot) with a shipping lead time 1 month.

Please call for call for Pricing and Samples.